the cliff house

our newest project.. a build on top of a mountain in beautiful kelowna, british columbia.. we started at the end of february 2018 with our piece of the rock.. now the fun stuff starts, the planning and designing

lake okanagan is to the left with the okanagan valley and kelowna below

a really good look at lake okanagan.. it will even be better from a second story

love the view of the valley

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 5.00.13 PM.jpg

the moment I saw this picture, I KNEW this what what I wanted to do.. black window frames, white interior and light coloured, airy furnishings


we break ground february 2018


these are the kitchen choices


the guest bathroom


the pantry


my office


the exterior

insulation has started.. this is the downstairs tv room with future rough-ins for a bar.. this space is so big I'm calling it the staples centre

the front entrance                fireplace in living room        kitchen & floating shelves    stairwell for glass railing

the outside is coming along too.. the stones were delivered and the retaining walls have been started.. the dude building the walls is a true artist.. the landscaper is coming up with something wonderful (hopefully), the deck has been skim coated and will be getting it's final color coat and tiled design shortly, railings coming, gas line dug

kitchen                                dining room                           our closet                            something fun for kids


we're doing this ceiling detail in our entrance.. our door and lights will look just like this too ;)

huge improvements on the exterior these days

the kitchen is really coming along now… shouldn’t be long until we’re in

I kept the bathrooms classic black and white with the exception of the guest bathroom on the main floor, I HAD to have cement tile somewhere! If you’re wondering WHY there’s an xbox in a bathroom, that was one of my son’s only requests, so nate, you got it

nate’s apartment is taking shape too..

we can’t wait to see his sound proof booth finished… at this point we think his drums will fit, a microphone stand and a small table for his laptop.. the idea is to have bluetooth speakers installed so nate can have a concert on tv in his living room and play along with it in his sound booth.. it could even be a listening room with all his albums and his turntable.. or a bedroom even, there’s enough room

we’re also going to take advantage of the smart light bulbs and light strips on the market.. backlight desks, tv’s, accentuate interesting lines in the walls and stairwells… it’s all just FUN.. I can’t WAIT to get creative with this stuff

storage is a big one with this new house.. I’ve packed storage into every place I could..

  • in the kitchen at the back side of the island the doors open to reveal more storage

  • I’ve chosen not to put knobs on these cupboards to have a cleaner look

  • a cabinet pulls out in the kitchen for oils etc.

  • gotta love the wooden built-in cutlery trays

  • banquette storage for outdoor cushions when it’s out-of-season

  • and let’s talk about my shoe storage! I just want to be left alone with this tower and my shoes! summer in the back with winter in the front.. ankle boots and tall boots also have a place in the tower

  • the upstairs laundry room has already be earmarked to hold our liquor.. this is way more storage than we need for laundry soaps and windex

  • the hidden storage of the tv box is genius I think.. our carpenter will make 3 of these

  • the guest room bath has a linen closet for towels, bath products and of course linen complete with a large lower area for a nice dirty towel basket.. I’ll keep a close eye on this to make sure nothing is damp from steam

  • designer’s trick: use drawers instead of cupboards in bathroom vanities.. better use of space

  • master bathroom towel cubes.. never had these before but I envision rolled towels, done.

  • who says your linen closet can’t be beautiful too? I asked the carpenter to make these shelves wide and wonderful, even though it’s only me seeing them

  • even though the living room display shelving isn’t for storage necessarily, you can hide stuff here.. use baskets on the lower shelves for remotes etc.