there’s something to be said for keeping your life organized.. things don’t get lost as often, you stop insisting someone’s stolen things from your house and life just runs more smoothly when you're organized.. here’s some examples of what I’ve organized  


nothing beats baking soda and peroxide 


grouping like-coloured items together always works


I take advantage of the summer herbs by freezing them in olive oil

what is it about being organized?  I just love it!  

I flip the lids over on these little spice jars (actually mason jars for jam) so I can write on the white part.. they are still super air tight too

I bought these tupperware containers back in 1986 and they still look good 

grouping smaller items together on a tray keeps everything looking organized 

I store out-of-season shoes and boots under a table skirt

these rubbermaid bins fit perfectly in the back of my truck, with a little snip here and there 

the master bedroom at the house in the city needed more closet space so I designed this for my husband's things.. I had to take into consideration the window so I bumped out the middle section which worked well

I probably could get in there and organize short sleeves and long sleeves but hey, I just close the doors and it looks great.. I've used plastic storage bins for smaller items, super easy to pull out and find something

I even use the shelves for paperwork storage 

we've all dreamed of that walk-in pantry that is the size of a small bedroom, you know.. the one where you have all your big bulky appliances plugged in on shelves for use out of sight?  where you can have oils on one shelf, veggies in baskets on another.. anyway.. here's my solution.. this pantry can be put anywhere and stores tons

I can actually see what I have and see what I need in a minute

and look how good this looks even with my serving dishes stacked under and on top!  this pantry is right in the entrance hall of the beach house, you'd never know that's where I go for canned goods

here's a trick we all probably do.. when I first buy new makeup, and it's labels are still visible, I take a quick picture of the product and the label so when I need more, I don't have to stand in front of the counter looking helpless 

instead of packing my daily medications and vitamins in the monday to sunday slots I fill each slot with different pills, that way I can also pack advil, tylenol and allergy medication 

with a tupperware container like this one for tapioca, I write the recipe on the back of the lid so it's right where I need it when I need it!

ohhh I love a good coffee bar.. we're just switching over from a tassimo to a keurig but it's so great to have everything in one place, including to-go cups

an old costco armoire gets new life in a new bathroom by taking off the doors and a coat of paint.. how we can find stuff and it looks good too

if you're like me, I end up buying bottles that don't fit in my cupboards.. that's where these squeezy bottles from the dollar store come in, plus they put the oil where it's needed

my dishtowels look cute in this jar

for trips away, long or short, I take a quick pic of the inside of the fridge, so I know exactly what's what when I get back, this have saved me plenty of times, believe me

a great way to keep matches dry and organized.. I know, it's really not necessary to take matches out of the box and reorganize them but I honestly don't love looking at boxes, I'd rather look at these cute little jars.. I trace the lid onto the cardboard with the striking strip, cut it out and just tuck it under the metal lid..there's actually 2 per jar.. you could put the cardboard on top of the metal lid and screw the ring back on too.. both work

and this just works.. even for men :)

I didn't have a good place for the pizza board or the little olive wood cutting board really so just hung them on the wall near the food pantry cause why not?  then I realized my baskets didn't have a home so they got added to the mix.. I think they'll live here 


these murphy beds are the best.. whether you're downsizing or just reorganizing

this one is super lightweight and easy to use 

tada!  I usually leave it made up, pushed up and don't even think about it unless we need it 

you'll never have to look at junk again once you get window seats.. this one is carpeted on the bottom so bedding and blankets are cozy until needed.. with a closet built on either side, it's a fantastic way to get storage in a room with none.. plus it frames the window 

this kitchen shelving is an example of organizing in groups.. not everything on these shelves matches nor is it from the same timeframe.. I have 50's memorabilia with my grandma's antique china with le cruset pots with ikea stuff but it all works because of color, and groups.. you can get away with just about anything by grouping things together

I just dig this towel storage in the wall here in the guest bathroom... it takes a little more effort to fold the towels so they fit in here nicely but worth it I think

here's how I know exactly what's in our safety deposit box because let's be honest.. who ever knows what's really all in there?  these pieces are both from my mom and grandmothers and I'd have no idea where to find these otherwise 

keeping wooden matches out of curious little varmints hands is a must at the cabin in the woods.. so I fill a huge mason jar with citronella at the beginning of the summer, another of matches and leave it all outside, where you actually need it.. without worrying because it's all safe behind glass and yes, out of direct sun :)


ok I know, the jars again.. but listen.. I put crackers in these jars the minute we've opened the box, not only are they still fresh when we go to eat them again but I can see what I have, and how much.. this helps me to NOT over-buy stuff at the store, I have a visual memory of what I need (or don't)... also... these mason jars in the bathroom is a fun way to offer supplies to guests and keep organized at the same time

I made these adorable individual banana cream pies a couple of summers ago.. they turned out so well I think in part because I made them, popped the metal lid and ring on, stacked them in the fridge and forgot about them until we wanted something sweet.. they were perfect

I turned our little coat closet in the laundry room into a 'store' just for me.. I know, decadent, but hey, I'm the only one who actually puts their shoes away so why not?  my husband hung some inexpensive home depot cubes just under the coat rod so we can dismantle someday if we want the closet back.. these cubes work so well I stuff my scarves, extra wallets, umbrellas and earbuds in too.. purses are on a shelf above the rod (not shown) and dog leashes, lanyards and keys hang on the backs of the doors (not shown)