such a fun time of year for decorating.. I made these witches years and years ago with some scrap plywood and a jigsaw.. they're martha stewart's and I still get comments on them every year I put them out.. this particular year I bought a fog machine and put it in the bottom of a black planter along with a string of orange halloween lights.. put an orange lightbulb in the outdoor light, zap-strapped a dollar store broom on one hand and hung an old lantern in the other.. the effect is wonderful, particularly when I snap a glow stick in the lantern!


even the home improvement stores do a nice job of displaying their halloween stuff

it's a bit of a trick getting a picture of the virginia creeper on our fence.. when it's juuust right it rains and everything ends up on the grass, but this year I got it!

one of our neighbours near the beach house has the most stunning approach to their house.. fall is the best picture.. this one taken a couple of years ago

I swear if I pull in their driveway one more time they'll call the police.. but look at this year's picture.. maybe in a few days it will look completely different (and I'll take another one)

another one of our neighbours near the beach house.. all the ginger breading on this century-old victorian just suits halloween doesn't it?   probably haunted..

and remember, halloween doesn't have to mean just orange, black and white.. throw in some color!  these little gourds were wrapped in balloons for some color and personality  (with the blowy part snipped off, obviously) 

aren't they fun?   just like blue christmas decorations.. I say why not?

another of our unsuspecting neighbours near the beach house, love their fence against the deep green of the hedge

who says all the color is on the east coast?  looking good vancouver!

another fantastic fence

this isn't very halloweeny but I couldn't resist putting this picture in.. chilliwack in british columbia has some of the best scenery, especially in the fall