It all started when…

I realized I loved moving my parent’s furniture around before I was 10.. and rearranging knickknacks on our bookshelves.. I’ve never been to design school (I’ve thought about it many times) but have been designing since 2002.. I admit it, I rearrange restaurants, offices and people’s homes in my head.. friends asked me to design their spaces, then acquaintances of friends and I was off from there.. my family and I just moved from ontario back to beautiful B.C. to the okanagan, which we have always felt was home.. we have just finished (almost finished) building a west coast modern home on a mountain above kelowna, the cliff house I call it.. I’ve had so much fun researching products and watching them take shape! many, many people have asked me how overwhelmed was I in the planning stages or the building stage and I have to say NOT.. a lot of the decisions made were relayed to our builder over text message!

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